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Valdobbiadene, Veneto, Italy


The COLVENDRÀ estate dates back to the early 1900s and originated in the age-old wine hills of Valdobbiadene, in the heart of the Veneto region. In 1924 Mr. Leonardo Della Colletta, developing and promoting an ancient family tradition, started to make a quality product right

where lush vineyards meet sunny hills and the work of man turns a fruitful tradition into lifestyle.


The brothers Sergio, Franco, Giuseppe and Mirko traditionally follow all stages of production; from the cultivation of vineyards to the quality-oriented wine-making processes, and all the way to the bottling of their highly valued products.
From the refreshing, flowery and fruity Prosecco DOCG and Cartizze Superiore DOCG to the Intense Rosso Del Groppo, COLVENDRÀ has been recognised and quoted for years within prestigious National and International magazines, guides and Wine Challenges.

Valdobbiadene Hills…
the Original Hearth of true Prosecco


The Valdobbiadene hills are the result of unique geomorphological and climatic characteristics, particularly favourable for vine cultivation and which the passionate work of men have partly moulded. The shape of these hills is the result of the Earth’s crust movements and the geological structures that are present in this specific geographical area, an interaction that has developed over millions of years and makes these hills candidate to become a UNESCO World Heritage site.

In this extraordinary succession of parallel hills of great scenic impact, the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG is a wine whose history began more than three centuries ago. It is the result of a close relationship between the wine and the region, together with all local producers who are proud of their land and whose work in the hillside vineyards offer an outstanding “handmade ” wine.

The centuries-old tradition of viticulture and sparkling wine production in these hills have a technical basis that initiated hundreds of years of research in this field. Amongst others, the 19th century agricultural academies, Italy’s first School of Winemaking, founded in 1876 and the Institute for Experimental Viticulture (known as CRA) founded in 1923. All these institutions have made a fundamental contribution to the development of a Sparkling Wine District that is famous all over the world.

The passion for the work in the cellar, respecting the environment and the landscape, remains a precious inheritance that Azienda Vinicola COLVENDRÀ wants to enshrine: still today, vineyards are harmoniously alternated with hedges and small woods that draw a unique natural context with rare beauty and grapevines are endlessly appreciated for their important structure and personality.