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Cossano Belbo, Piemonte, Italy


In the prestigious land of the Langhe in North of Italy, we discover FRANCESCO SCANAVINO vinery, a rare gem owned by Francesco & Michele’s families, renowned for their high-quality line of grappa, still and sparkling wines which take their unique flavours from the mineral-rich soil.

The richness of the Langhe soil intensifies the wonderful characteristics of the vines and its grapes, which are farmed and grown through the great passion and devotion of the families and under the meticulous control of the winemaker specialist Angelo Torrielli.

Thanks to his extensive experience from working together with a number of leading Italian winemakers, Torelli helped to create a unique terroir, a set of environment contexts, farming practices and crop’s specific growth habitats that are today embedded in all FRANCESCO SCANAVINO’s wines.

The Langhe (Piemonte, Italy)


The Langhe (or Langa in old dialect) is a real geological rarity, located within the south-east part of the Piemonte region.

The Langhe were inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage list for its cultural landscapes, outstanding living testimony of vine-growing and wine-making traditions that stem from a long history, and that have been continuously improved and adapted up to the present day. The grapes are carefully selected in the finest growing areas, on South-South-West facing vineyards all planted several decades ago; the vines undergo thinning each year, leaving only the very best for the harvest.

Nebbiolo, in his red and rosé form, BaroloBarbera and Roero (Arneis) are the most famous and autochthonous species of vines, real enological delicacies of taste. The wines are carefully followed through all their vinfication steps, from maturing in pressure tanks, ageing in casks and barriques, the selection of corks and bottles, all the way through their final bottling and cellaring stage. Single-variety vinification (such as NebbioloBaroloRoero, Moscato) and multi-variety vinification (the Ose’, the sparkling Spumante Diamond Blanc and the prestigious Imperatore, or Emperor) are performed by using the best wine-making technology, ensuring everything is carried out in line with the criteria for superior DOC and DOCG wines (Controlled or Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin).

Today, thanks to VINE&CORK, you can experience the unique products from FRANCESCO SCANAVINO vinery, which will tell you the story of preserving traditions, pursuing excellence and ultimate quality, and will introduce you to flavours and aromas hard to forget.