Moniga del Garda, Lombardia, Italy


We are in Lombardy, close to the Franciacorta, but further east on Lake Garda, in the small region of Lugana, where the most tasty and aromatic wines from Trebbiano di Lugana (or Turbiana) and Groppello grapes are made.

As already mentioned for the Franciacorta, Lake Garda is a unique place for wine production due to its exclusive microclimate and special soil. The glaciers, in four successive glaciations, gave birth to Valtènesi, a hilly landscape crossed by small valleys, and to Lugana, area with a dense clay-soaked soil, rich in mineral salts. The waters of Lake Garda and the mild breeze from the Alps behind, have then generated the furthest north Mediterranean microclimate of the globe.

“Even in the age of technology and machines, the harvest retains its value and fascination: manual, to take care of every single bunch, selected, to get only the best from the heart of the vineyard, so the grape is kept pure in small boxes, and delivered intact to the winery in the good company of the people who looked after it … because the harvest is a party!”

(Sante Bonomo (1955-2017) – President and Founder).

Pioneers in organic agriculture on the shores of Lake Garda started decades ago to produce wines in the name of ethics and quality. These vineyards have been ranked more and more each year by the Consorzio (Consortium), elevating their wines to the prestigious classification of D.O.C. (Controlled Denomination of Origin), gaining the highest popularity in the latest 20/30 years.

The Vineyard …


In this wonderful piece of land, on one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, we discover Cantine La Pergola, the only wine-producing cooperative on the shore of Lake of Garda.

Founded in 1920, its history played a significant part in the 175 years of agriculture and cooperation that developed in this charming terroir. Since its early origins, the cooperative worked to preserve and represent the oenological tradition of the region, protecting small wine producers who, often elderly, struggled to independently carry on in the wine-making business, with high risks of leaving precious vineyards abandoned.

Cantine La Pergola is not only based on the Organic farming method, but since it was founded, the cooperative protected the territory and guarantees work for new generations in constant dialogue with traditions. They are an expression of innovation, constantly experimenting with sustainable cultivation and wine-making techniques, in line with – and often anticipating – the international commitments to safeguard the planet. This is why their wines are real Wines, true, Organic and made by people in perfect balance with the natural elements.

“The native vines here are a living concentrate of the territory, the delicious fruit of many years of oenology and viticulture in Valtènesi and Lugana, passed from person to person by those who worked the land, the vine, and made wine with their own hands … because there is no real wine that can be entrusted to a machine, neither there is vineyard that bears fruit without the passionate care of human hands”

Organic management, respect for the environment and expression of the synergies already present in nature, are what defines this area of Lake Garda, or like many wine enthusiasts summarised it, “an unhidden gem”. Here thousands of tourists and wine lovers meets every year, to taste Lugana, Groppello, Chiaretto (one of the most elegant, delicate and mineral Italian rose’) and many other autochthonous and blended wines.

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