Mission and goals

Transform the passion of our selected producers into the unique experience of enjoying exclusive Italian wines

… from the Vine to the Cork!

Our Goals

Established in 2017, Vine&Cork aims to:

  • CONNECT selected producers (our Vines) of quality Italian wines (our Corks) with our network
  • CREATE a seamless start-to-end wine shopping experience through our innovative e-platform
  • PROVIDE the best experience by drinking carefully selected quality Italian wines
  • EXPAND the culture of drinking and share it with friends
  • COMBINE the right wine with the right food for an ultimate wine experience

Vine&Cork’s mission is to bring the passion of Italian wines into the homes of British wine lovers and helping British wine culture along on its evolution. Technology will evolve, life will be more “e-driven”, but nothing, since the Roman times, will beat a good glass of wine shared with the people you love. Why?

… because life is too short to drink bad wine (J.W. von Goethe)